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The story so far

on October 25 | in Photos | by | with No Comments

They used to say make do and mend.
Our  premises on Wooer Street were once inhabited by renowned Falkirk drapery & furnishings store: Messrs S Owens, where, long before our throw-away society took hold, regular modifications would be the way of things. Evidence the old invoices – hundreds of them in fact, tucked way within the eves, probably thought never to see the light of day. So has it become our mantra and we’re comfy as can be with the idea of our lovely up-cycled interior, a fitting backdrop to our delicious coffees, food and hospitality.
As quick as you can say “I wonder what’s behind this wall?” an another original feature is revealed. It’s both retro and new, one at the same time. Coffee On Wooer,  (COW to you) we love you just the way you are.


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